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Duane Andrew Aamot 


Artist/Painter/Sculptor/Carpenter/Conceptual+Set Designer/Construction Coordinator/Photographer/CNC Machinist 1975-2020


Stage Manager/Production Supervisor - American Film Institute Los Angeles, CA 2008-2020

  • Managed 16,000 sq/ft of production facility including Stage, Scene Dock, Prop Rooms, Wardrobe, Tools, Expendables, Tool Classes, Construction Workshops, Defined Policies, and Organized Film Groups.
  • Full knowledge of tools, construction, renderings, elevations, materials and dealing hands-on with film makers from the #1 film institute in the world, AFI.  Rendered over 6 projects with Sketchup for the facilities at 2 schools.
  • Worked on over 1500 productions assisting with scheduling, logistics, props, materials, etc.

Bob Hope Estate - 2010/2011

  • Two large prop builds for the Hope family on the estate.

Construction Coordinator - Production Company - The Fort

  • Director Chad Feehan
  • Title "Beneath the Dark"
  • Production Designer Manuel Pérez Peña(AFI Alumni)
  • Shooting Days  March 19 to April 12 2009
  • Preproduction days March 5 and 6 , March 11 to 18 2009

Alhambra High School (8 theatre sets/props)

  • February 2009 stage build (5 previous)

Aamotron Inc. Anaheim, CA 1980 to 2006 

  • Production Manager / Machinist / Machine Programmer
  • Aerospace Subcontractor


  • Fine arts:1500+paintings/20 exhibitions

It is my opinion that the most profound paintings are not merely pictures, but rather pure energy transferred through the artist in an emotionally charged state.  The artist acts in a three dimensional realm to purge him/herself in a visceral state to express intense emotion derived from the state of mind which exists at that moment stemming from a deeply significant event.  A successful painting should impart strong feelings, even if the painting is completely abstract... or it has no worth.  The energy conveyed and pure intent is stronger than a pretty cliche.  Technique comes easy yet secondary to raw energy. 


  • Cal Poly Pomona, 1982-1987 - art/architecture


  • Nancy Malone - Producer, Director 
  • Linda Hope - The Bob Hope Estate 
  • Ron Dauzat - Headmaster-Ribet Academy
  • Suzanne Feller-Otto - Senior Lecturer, American Film Institute

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